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GrowZorb Slabs

GrowZorb Slabs

GrowZorb Slabs are our flagship product. They have been successfully used in commercial hydroponic greenhouses since 2010 for growing vegetables. Slabs can be provided in most common dimensions and come standard with a coextruded polyethylene bag. Pre-punched holes are available.

Spent slabs can be ground up (roots, stubby-stalk and all) and turned into what we refer to as “Regrind”. Regrind has proven to be a premium sister product to GrowZorb grind. The inclusion of root matter and residual nutrients provide a great environment for growing in pots and planters. Commercial growers, please contact us for products/pricing tailored to your needs.

Use of Slabs

Slabs are used for commercial hydroponic greenhouses. Or where traditional slabs are used.

Technical Specifications

Density – 0.0011 g/cm3

PH – Neutral

Reactivity – None,100% inert

Moisture retention – 40% by Volume

Material Safety Data Sheet​

GrowZorb Comparison Chart