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GrowZorb for Cannabis

GrowZorb for Cannabis

The characteristics of GrowZorb Grind has proven to be ideal for growing cannabis in pots.  Advantages include that it is 100% inert, PH neutral, has a consistent matrix, clean run-off, no food value for pests, and most of all it has an adsorbent nature.

Adsorbent versus Absorbent

Adsorbent materials hold liquid by means of surface friction.  Absorbent materials are more difficult to wash or recover the liquid from.

GrowZorb is unique in the world of growing mediums as it is adsorbent.  This characteristic is highly beneficial as it allows for faster throughput of the irrigation solution.

This faster throughput allows for fast flushing of the medium, whether it be for disease control, or end of cycle flushing.

As there is little solution trapped, whatever PH that goes in at the top is what will come out at the bottom.

It also allows you to use irrigation for temperature control of the root zone, while maintaining a high level of oxygen.  Over-watering is nearly impossible.

Flush and watering regimes are quickly apparent, resulting in the ability for immediate response.

Additional advantages to using GrowZorb Grind is that it can be used over and over.  Its’ loose and evenly dispersed matrix allows for excellent root growth.  It is clean, itch free, and lightweight.  Grind is easy to wash away from the root mass and can be disinfected.