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Precision Growing

Precision growing is the ability to control all aspects of a plant’s characteristics.This is done by controlling specific growth cycles by means of varying inputs and environmental conditions.

The GrowZorb slab is well suited for precision growing as it is very controllable on the moisture content.  Its adsorbent nature allows for a quick response.

What is Growzorb?

GrowZorb : GrowZorb, is a cross-linked synthetic growth medium designed to improve hydroponics.

GrowZorb : GrowZorb meets the demands of today for a superior precise growth medium.

GrowZorb For Cannabis: Click here to learn more about using GrowZorb for cannabis.

fast rooting

Plants take root in one to three days

no perwash

No need to wash/rinse anything out

high oxygen content

Minimum of 60% oxygen content

drought resistant

Water is 100% readily available


Can be reused multiple times

easy to purge

Quickly crush down for easy disposal


 Easy to load or steer the product 

pest resistant

It has no food value for pests


It will not react with other elements